Unique/Letter Properties Listing

The following is a list of unique "letter" properties for the tax assessment year 2024.

Please be advised you will also be receiving a pre-assessment information letter as the mailing date for each town approaches.

This list is subject to change.

Bloom2150 FLOSSMOOR RD2150 FLOSSMOOR RD5-3532-06-321-003-0000
Bloom18857 DIXIE HWY18857 DIXIE HWY5-3532-06-404-002-0000
Bloom18860 DIXIE HWY18860 DIXIE HWY5-3532-06-404-003-0000
Bloom1110 WESTERN AVE1110 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-100-003-0000
Bloom1110 WESTERN AVE1110 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-100-005-0000
Bloom1110 WESTERN AVE1110 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-101-001-0000
Bloom19155 DIXIE HWY19155 DIXIE HWY5-3532-07-201-002-0000
Bloom19151 DIXIE HWY19151 DIXIE HWY5-3532-07-201-003-0000
Bloom1441 WESTERN AVE1441 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-300-001-0000
Bloom1441 WESTERN AVE1441 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-300-002-0000
Bloom1441 WESTERN AVE1441 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-301-001-0000
Bloom1441 WESTERN AVE1441 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-301-002-0000
Bloom1441 WESTERN AVE1441 WESTERN AVE5-3532-07-302-001-0000
Bloom186 WENTWORTH AVE186 WENTWORTH AVE5-3533-05-200-005-0000
Bloom186 WENTWORTH AVE186 WENTWORTH AVE5-3533-05-200-013-0000
Bloom186 WENTWORTH AVE186 WENTWORTH AVE5-3533-05-200-015-0000
Bloom186 WENTWORTH AVE186 WENTWORTH AVE5-3533-05-200-020-0000
Bloom186 WENTWORTH AVE186 WENTWORTH AVE5-3533-05-200-024-0000
Bloom186 WENTWORTH AVE186 WENTWORTH AVE5-3533-05-400-048-0000
Bloom186 WENTWORTH AVE186 WENTWORTH AVE5-9733-05-200-001-0000
Bremen14201 S LARAMIE AVE14201 S LARAMIE AVE5-3528-04-404-002-0000
Bremen5000 147TH ST5000 147TH ST5-3528-09-101-001-0000
Bremen5020 W 147TH ST5020 W 147TH ST5-3528-09-200-002-0000
Bremen5000 147TH ST5000 147TH ST5-3528-09-202-006-0000
Lyons620 S BRAINARD AVE620 S BRAINARD AVE5-3518-08-206-002-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-301-003-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-302-002-0000
Orland14515 84TH AVE14515 84TH AVE5-3527-11-400-001-0000
Orland14660 84TH AVE14660 84TH AVE5-3527-11-400-004-0000
Orland14770 84TH AVE14770 84TH AVE5-3527-11-400-006-0000
Orland14770 84TH AVE14770 84TH AVE5-3527-11-400-007-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-400-008-0000
Orland14880 84TH AVE14880 84TH AVE5-3527-11-400-009-0000
Orland14800 82ND AVE14800 82ND AVE5-3527-11-400-010-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-400-017-0000
Orland14710 82ND AVE14710 82ND AVE5-3527-11-400-018-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-402-002-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-402-003-0000
Orland9901 W 179TH ST9901 W 179TH ST5-3527-33-400-001-0000
Orland14500 CRYSTAL TREE DR14500 CRYSTAL TREE DR5-3527-08-201-023-0000
Orland14500 CRYSTAL TREE DR14500 CRYSTAL TREE DR5-3527-08-201-024-0000
Orland14500 CRYSTAL TREE DR14500 CRYSTAL TREE DR5-3527-08-206-010-0000
Orland10700 W 153RD ST10700 W 153RD ST5-3527-08-405-005-0000
Orland147 82ND AVE147 82ND AVE5-3527-11-100-017-0000
Orland14658 84TH AVE14658 84TH AVE5-3527-11-201-006-0000
Orland14665 84TH AVE14665 84TH AVE5-3527-11-201-007-0000
Orland14664 82ND AVE14664 82ND AVE5-3527-11-201-011-0000
Orland14666 82ND AVE14666 82ND AVE5-3527-11-201-012-0000
Orland147 82ND AVE147 82ND AVE5-3527-11-201-015-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-300-001-0000
Orland14700 82ND AVE14700 82ND AVE5-3527-11-301-002-0000
Palos8201 W 95TH ST8201 W 95TH ST5-3523-11-107-005-0000
Palos8201 95TH ST8201 95TH ST5-3523-11-109-001-0000
Palos8201 95TH ST8201 95TH ST5-3523-11-200-001-0000
Palos8125 W 95TH ST8125 W 95TH ST5-9023-11-201-032-0000
Palos8201 W 95TH ST8201 W 95TH ST5-3523-11-202-003-0000
Palos13100 SOUTHWEST HWY13100 SOUTHWEST HWY5-3523-34-302-002-0000
Palos13101 SOUTHWEST HWY13101 SOUTHWEST HWY5-3523-34-400-002-0000
Palos13110 SOUTHWEST HWY13110 SOUTHWEST HWY5-3523-34-400-006-0000
Palos13100 SOUTHWEST HWY13100 SOUTHWEST HWY5-3523-34-410-001-0000
Palos13200 S 76TH AVE13200 S 76TH AVE5-3523-36-303-075-0000
Palos7825 131ST ST7825 131ST ST5-3523-36-303-104-0000
Palos7925 131ST ST7925 131ST ST5-3523-36-303-105-0000
Palos7900 W 135TH ST7900 W 135TH ST5-3523-36-303-145-0000
Palos7800 W 135TH ST7800 W 135TH ST5-3523-36-303-155-0000
Palos13200 S 76TH AVE13200 S 76TH AVE5-9023-36-303-164-0000
Palos13246 S 76TH AVE13246 S 76TH AVE5-1723-36-303-166-0000
Palos13100 S 76TH AVE13100 S 76TH AVE5-3523-36-303-167-0000
Palos13301 S 76TH AVE13301 S 76TH AVE5-3523-36-303-169-0000
Proviso30 MADISON ST30 MADISON ST5-3515-14-203-019-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-301-004-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-301-006-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-301-007-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-400-005-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-400-007-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-400-009-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-400-011-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-401-005-0000
Proviso1400 S WOLF RD1400 S WOLF RD5-3515-19-401-007-0000
Proviso2 BLUEBIRD TRL2 BLUEBIRD TRL5-3515-30-301-020-0000
Proviso2 BLUEBIRD TRL2 BLUEBIRD TRL5-3515-30-301-021-0000
Rich6935 W GEORGE BRENNAN HWY6935 W GEORGE BRENNAN HWY5-3531-07-102-002-0000
Rich16500 RIDGELAND AVE16500 RIDGELAND AVE5-3531-07-200-003-0000
Rich17500 OAK AVE17500 OAK AVE5-3531-07-201-003-0000
Rich19400 RIDGELAND AVE19400 RIDGELAND AVE5-3531-07-202-001-0000
Rich324 COMMON AREA 324 COMMON AREA 5-3531-07-203-060-0000
Rich6400 W VOLLMER RD6400 W VOLLMER RD5-3531-07-400-009-0000
Rich6400 W VOLLMER RD6400 W VOLLMER RD5-3531-07-401-004-0000
Rich2800 COUNTRY CLUB DR2800 COUNTRY CLUB DR4-3531-13-200-001-0000
Rich26 TERRACE COLONY 26 TERRACE COLONY 4-3531-13-303-043-0000
Rich2800 COUNTRY CLUB DR2800 COUNTRY CLUB DR4-3531-24-100-004-0000
Riverside2520 W 26TH ST2520 W 26TH ST5-3515-26-200-001-0000
Riverside2520 DESPLAINES AVE2520 DESPLAINES AVE5-3515-26-201-008-0000
Riverside2520 DESPLAINES AVE2520 DESPLAINES AVE5-3515-26-204-003-0000
Riverside2520 DESPLAINES AVE2520 DESPLAINES AVE5-3515-26-204-004-0000
Riverside2520 LEWE CT2520 LEWE CT5-3515-26-204-009-0000
Riverside2520 LEWE CT2520 LEWE CT5-3515-26-204-010-0000
Stickney3501 S LARAMIE AVE3501 S LARAMIE AVE5-9716-33-400-001-0000
Stickney3501 S LARAMIE AVE3501 S LARAMIE AVE5-9016-33-400-005-0000
Stickney4950 W 39TH ST4950 W 39TH ST5-8016-33-400-040-0000
Thornton175 WESTERN AVE175 WESTERN AVE5-3529-30-300-005-0000
Thornton175 WESTERN AVE175 WESTERN AVE5-3529-30-300-103-0000
Thornton18321 PARK AVE18321 PARK AVE5-3529-31-300-002-0000
Worth8700 S WESTERN AVE8700 S WESTERN AVE5-3524-01-212-001-0000
Worth8700 S WESTERN AVE8700 S WESTERN AVE5-3524-01-212-002-0000
Worth8700 S WESTERN AVE8700 S WESTERN AVE5-3524-01-212-003-0000