Office of the Independent Inspector General Hotline: (312) 603-0745 and (877) 448-4756
No. However, you can contact the Human Resources Department about questions you have about the application process.
Yes. The application must be signed electronically in order for you to be considered for the Position. This is your acknowledgment that all information submitted in response to the posting is true and accurate
Some of these questions are Disqualifying Questions and pertain to the Minimum Qualifications for the Position. If you answer "No" to a Disqualifying Question, you will not be considered for the Position. Depending on the Position, there may be other questions which pertain to the Preferred Qualifications for the Position. If you answer "No" to a question regarding a Preferred Qualification, it does not exclude you from consideration for the Position provided you meet the Minimum Qualifications for the Position.
No. You must complete the application corresponding to the Position for which you want to apply in order to be considered for the Position. Different Positions may have different Disqualifying Questions. When applying online, make sure you are applying for the correct job title.
Applicants must submit all information listed on the Notice of Job Opportunity in order to be considered for the Position. This may include, but not necessarily be limited to, a resume or cover letter. Please read the Notice of Job Opportunity closely before applying for any Position.
No. Application materials will only be considered if they are submitted online through the electronic application system listed on the Notice of Job Opportunity.
Yes. In fact, the Assessor’s Office will not accept hardcopy application materials for most Positions.
Application materials are reviewed and validated to determine if you meet the Minimum Qualifications and Preferred Qualifications, if applicable, for the Position. Your application materials must set forth how you meet these qualifications. You will be contacted by the Human Resources Department if you are selected for an interview.
Candidates who fail to appear for the interview within 15 minutes of the scheduled interview time will not be interviewed or further considered for the Position, absent extenuating circumstances.
Candidates must produce copies of the required documents listed on the Notice of Job Opportunity at the time of the scheduled interview. Candidates who fail to timely produce the required documents will not be further considered for the Position.
If you want to be considered for the Position (or given credit for a Preferred Qualification) you must explain how you meet the requirement. For example, if the Disqualifying Question is "Do you have data entry experience?" somewhere in your application, cover letter, or resume you should affirmatively state how you meet the data entry experience requirement. "Use Excel" is not sufficient. "Work on the AS 400" is not sufficient. Compare these to "I have entered data in Excel" or "I have entered data and processed certificate of error applications using the AS 400." Human Resources cannot guess, assume or use outside information to determine whether an applicant meets a qualification. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to provide the information in the application materials.
In reviewing application materials, Human Resources cannot consider any outside information. If you do not write down what you do, Human Resources cannot consider your work experience. Explain what you do and use more pages if needed for the Application, write a long cover letter describing what you do, or have a detailed resume. You should also describe what you do during an interview so that your experience is highlighted and fully considered.
The Assessor’s Office’s hiring practices are designed to be fair and transparent. For many of the Positions we hire, all qualified candidates are randomly sorted, and we invite applicants to interview based on that random list.
The Assessor’s Office conducts “structured interviews.” These are interviews during which all candidates are asked the same set of questions in the same order (with appropriate follow-up questions). At least two Assessor’s Office employees conduct the interviews and take notes throughout. Interviews may also be monitored to ensure compliance with hiring policies.