Meeting with Assessor Leadership

The Cook County Assessor’s Office is dedicated to providing information to the public. Meetings with Assessor Leadership will be held for property owners or their representatives who would like to discuss appeal results or seek clarification regarding their assessment. During the meeting we will be available to discuss topics of procedural issues, while prepared to discuss general policy and specific property valuations. Meetings with Assessor Leadership will be held every Thursday from 9 AM to noon. These meetings will allow the requestor to meet at least two Senior Staff of the Cook County Assessor’s Administration to discuss their case. Anyone interested in requesting a meeting must do so through email by close of business day on Monday. Requestors will be notified by email if their request was granted or denied. The Cook County Assessor’s Office reserves the right to deny a meeting where a previous meeting was conducted or the applicant did not follow the appeal rules. Priority will be given to property owners who wish to discuss the appeal or assessment of their property.

Meetings with Assessor Leadership will officially begin the week of January 6th. For those who submitted a request this week, those submissions will be reviewed on Monday, January 6th. If granted, the meeting will be held on January 9th between 9 AM to 12 PM.

Meeting with Assessor Leadership Procedure:

  1. Submit request for a meeting – Mondays
    • Anyone requesting a meeting must do so by COB Monday and by email.
    • Requests will either be Granted or Denied.
  2. Meeting request Granted or Denied – Tuesday
    • Anyone requesting a meeting will be informed whether their meeting was granted or denied by COB Tuesday of the same week the meeting was requested.
    • If the meeting is granted, the requestor should respond to the email granting their meeting by noon Wednesday.
      • Responding to this email will serve as confirmation.
      • Due to limited time, anyone that fails to confirm their meeting will be removed from the list of scheduled meetings.
    • Once the requestor confirms, the requestor shall receive the time of their meeting for the following day or next week.
  3. Meetings with Assessor Leadership – Thursdays
    • Meetings will be held on Thursday of the same week the request was submitted.
      • If, for whatever reason, the CCAO is unable to complete all meetings granted, said meetings will be moved to the following Thursday and placed in the front of the queue.
    • All meetings will take place on Thursday between 9 AM to noon.
    • Meetings will be held in 15 minute intervals.

Meeting with Assessor Leadership Recent Decisions

Decisions are made each week. The list below displays the current and prior week only; for previous weeks, submit a FOIA request.
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