Welcome to the Certificate of Error status search.

The Certificate of Error Status Search, also known as the “Tracker”, is a quick way to find the status of most types of Certificates of Errors.

The following types of Certificates of Errors can be found using the Tracker.
  • Valuation based, including those issued to activate incentives or class changes.
  • Those based on Homestead exemptions.
  • Those based on non-homestead exemptions.
Please note that Certificates of Errors which are submitted either by paper or via email will not appear on the Tracker until that Certificates of Error has been entered into the Assessor’s system of record. The following types of Certificates of Errors cannot be found using the Tracker.
  • Omitted Assessments
  • Farmland related Certificates of Errors

If you have questions, contact the Taxpayer Resolution Department at Assessor.Taxpayer.Resolution@cookcountyil.gov.

Please note that it can take up to 30 days from result issuance for status dates to appear

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